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Doosan IMGB
TBN Casings
TBN Casing Upper
TBN Casing Lower
Doosan IMGB started delivering castings for fossil-steam turbine applications since the ‘70s and acquired significant experience in the production of casings / cylinders, steam-boxes and valves for high and intermediate pressure for up to 330MW steam turbine bodies. From 1990 to 2007 the production of these components decreased, but in 2008 we restarted manufacturing components for up to 600MW turbines on almost regular basis.

The castings are produced from low-alloy steel grades standardized or tailor-made according to client’s specific requirements. Some examples: ASTM A389 Gr.C24, ASTM A217 Gr.WC6, WC9 and WC11 or equivalent EN grades complying with ASTM, EN and PED quality standards.

In general, depending on steel grade and part geometry, the size in as cast condition may vary from 10 to 140 Ton approx. weight with maximum thickness of about 500 mm. However, feasibility of each casting is decided based on the analysis of specific drawings and quality requirements by Doosan IMGB Process Engineering Team.