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Doosan IMGB
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Hydraulic Shaft
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For over 40 years, Doosan IMGB has been one of the leading heavy forging suppliers for hydro-power equipment sought by the most important power plant projects in the world. A large number of forged components such as Francis and Kaplan turbine-generator shafts and rotors, as well as Pelton runner blanks, forged or machined condition has been delivered to our clients in Asia, South and North America and Europe.

The forgings are usually produced from carbon steel grades and sometimes from stainless steel (e.g. Pelton runner blanks) standardized or tailor-made according to client’s specific requirements. Some examples: ASTM A668: Gr. D and Gr. E , ASTM A182 F6-NM or equivalent EN grades complying with ASTM or EN quality standards.

Generally, depending on steel grade and geometry, the approximate weight of the forgings may vary from 10 to 140 Ton with maximum flanges diameter of up to 3000 mm. However, feasibility of each forging is decided based on the analysis of specific drawings and quality requirements by Doosan IMGB Process Engineering Team.