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Doosan IMGB

Shell, Tube Sheet

In the ‘80s, former IMGB was a significant nuclear components and equipment supplier for the domestic and East-European countries (American/Canadian and Russian standards), but this production ceased.

After almost 20 years, in 2009, based on an important investment plan, Doosan IMGB began the manufacturing of belt and shell forgings with the support and know-how provided by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction – Forgings & Castings Business Group.

At this moment, we have the capacity and capability to produce belt and shell forgings for pressure and reactor vessels or heat exchangers. The forging and process design are performed by experienced engineers using standard reliable procedures and instructions periodically upgraded / updated, considering the most recent developments in the field. For special tasks the Process Engineering Team is supported by Doosan Corporate R & D Institute in Changwon.

Our equipment and technology are suitable for production of single or multi-heat heavy forgings.