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Doosan IMGB
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The forging and the process design are performed by experienced engineers using standard reliable procedures and instructions which are periodically upgraded /updated, considering the most recent developments in the field. For special tasks the Process Engineering Team receives support from Doosan Corporate R & D Institute in Changwon.

Our equipment and technology are suitable for the production of single or multi-heat heavy forgings.

20 years ago, Doosan IMGB was the main domestic supplier of heavy crankshafts for Diesel marine engines (mono-block –continuous grain 6,000 HP for medium speed engine and shrunk-fit 30,000 HP low speed engine shafts). The forgings have been obtained using technologies internally developed. After 1990, the production of this type of crankshafts ceased, but as soon as Doosan Group took over the company, the manufacture of crank-throws and also marine-shafts for large marine engines and ships, restarted, on the basis of an important investment program and technology transfer from Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.

General View of the NC Flame-Cutting Machine Area where Crank-Throw Forgings are Shaped

For this purpose, when the first lot of crank-throws was produced, Doosan IMGB was certified as approved manufacturer by MAN-BW and WÄRTSILÄ for the production of these forged components, after the complex qualification procedure has been successfully passed.

Until today, hundreds of different sizes of crank-throws have been already produced as well as large number of end flanges and main journal forgings.

The “bending” technique, a modern and efficient technology developed by Doosan Changwon Plant, is used to produce crank-throws which are then shaped by the NC flame-cutting machine.

The quality of our steel , which was also continuously improved in the last three years (low gas content, Sulfur content of about .003%, high cleanliness) allows the production of reliable, high performance products designated to marine Diesel engines with over 90,000HP output.

In order to satisfy our clients’ requirements we acquired qualification and certification from many Classification Societies: ABS, BV, DNV, GL, KR, LRS.