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Doosan IMGB

Recruiting FAQ

question When do you recruit?

Doosan IMGB recruitment is a process that respects the highest standards in this field. Employment decisions are based on the internal needs of the company.

question What are you looking for in a potential employee?

We always have a standard set of criteria by which we choose our staff. Punctuality, reliability and teamwork are essential qualities in the work culture of the company.

question How long does it take to receive an answer after an interview?

Candidates are notified about their application results in a period ranging from 1 week to 20 days after the interview, depending on the situation.

question What are your top priorities when recruiting?

First we look for an educational background that suits our needs; communication and experience are always valuable assets for a candidate to possess.

question What system of benefits do you offer to employees?

Our compensation system is performance based and the salary is negotiable depending on experience, educational background, skills and abilities.

question What qualifies someone to work at Doosan IMGB?

In addition to having a suitable education, skills or experience they need to have an average knowledge of English, a positive attitude, be good team players and be willing to learn.

question What degrees, diplomas or experience do applicants need?

We are mainly searching for Mechanics and Materials Science graduates but also people with a background in: electrical, welding, safety, environmental, IT, English language skills, import/export, business administration and other fields which are related to our business and needs.