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Doosan IMGB
  • No. 1 Castings & Forgings Company in Europe
  • Customers are our Teachers. : Customers are our teachers because of the simple fact that our survival rests completely on customer satisfaction. Thus the standard for every decision, regardless of your responsibilities or position, must be based on the needs of our customers. We should always try to seek answers from our customers by asking ourselves questions like: “What do customers want and what dissatisfies them?” “What are their problems and how are they changing?” and “How do we satisfy their demands?”
  • Quality is our Pride. : In order to make our quality the source of our pride, we must always be able to guarantee top quality through assertive technology investment and perfect quality management. Perfect quality management need not be limited to technical quality alone, but should also guarantee the maximum level of customer satisfaction by catering to our clients’ tastes.
  • Customers are our Teachers. : The motto “Innovation is Our Life” should be imbedded in every aspect of our daily routine, and we should constantly be renewing our efforts to offer customers the ultimate in satisfaction. Client demand and technical environments are changing incessantly, and we must stay one step ahead of the game with a relentless search to slake consumer thirst for innovation.
  • People are most important asset : Since you employees are the ones who deliver our top quality products and services, customer satisfaction cannot be realized and the Company cannot grow without your skills and dedication. For this reason, all managers and supervisors must always keep in mind that our talented and dedicated employees are the most important assets we possess. Each member of our managerial staff must work to develop and encourage our employees, while helping them explore their professional capabilities.