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Doosan IMGB
  • 1963IMGB (Intreprinderea de Masini Grele Bucuresti) is established as a heavy machine works company.
  • 1967Licensed by Rateau-Schneider, Alstom, Delas for the 330 MW Steam Turbine.
  • 1973First 330 MW Steam Turbine put in operation at Rovinari (Romania), more 15 Steam Turbines of 330 MW supplied in the next 20 years, including 2 x 330MW at Pucheng (China) and several of 150 MW, 50 MW, 30MW, 12MW, 6MW, 3,5MW
  • 1977IMGB supplied the Turbine Shafts and Generator Shafts for Iron Gate Hydro Power Station (Romania), for 6 of 11 Kaplan units of 175 MW. Nowadays, the same Turbine shafts are supplied for the rehabilitation of these units with VA Tech Hydro (Austria). In the next years IMGB became the main manufacturer of components for all hydro power projects in Romania.
  • 1979IMGB is licensed by GE for 700 MW Steam Turbine, by AECL (Canada) and Ansaldo (Italy) for other components supplied to the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant (Romania) and to other Nuclear Power Plants, V V E R system in Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria.
  • 1980License for 450 tones forging ingot from JSW (Japan)
  • 1987Achievement of the first 700 MW Steam Turbine for the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant;
  • 1992IMGB is split up into 5 companies, the new IMGB keeps the entire Metallurgical Division and the Heavy Machining Division.
  • 1998Company taken over by the Norwegian-British group Kvaerner which oriented the company to the market of heavy forgings and castings and high added value by the advanced machining.
  • 2006Company taken over by the Korean group Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction which start a very ambitious program of rehabilitation aiming to achieve the first place worldwide as a heavy forgings & castings supplier
  • 2007Company re-organization. Initiation of huge investment plan, technological transfer and people training in Changwon Plant - Korea. Step by step refurbishment and modernization of all facilities and processes are initiated;
  • 2008Investment plan in progress. Process reliability improvement and Quality stabilization initiation. Personnel training in Korea continued at all levels. Significant production increase. Initiation of Doosan Competency Model (DCM);
  • 2009Investment plan in progress. Fume-extraction plan is fully operational.Continuous production increase. Quality stabilization achieved. Qualification as Petrochemical Shell Forgings manufacturer.First year after 2006 when Doosan IMGB managed to meet the company’s KPI and obtain operational profit. Operational Excellence Team (OE Team) is established as heart of the Change Management System and takes over the task of developing and training people for specific purposes. Initiation of Innovation Academy, which is mostly approaching the problem solving methodology.Introduction of KAIZEN activities. ERP System go-live
  • 2010New challenges: Production increase on economical crisis background and significant production cost reduction (with OE Team coordination). Initiation of School of Innovation, dealing with problem solving methodology for production leaders. Initiation of the Total Operation Performance (TOP) activity;

    1st June 2010, after many years, Doosan IMGB is back with products designated for the nuclear industry market. First Nuclear Shell has been successfully finalized and delivered.